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        We specialize in providing information technology management consulting and technical solutions for companies. Together with our customers, we help our customers realize their dreams of soaring through continuous improvement of technical and management issues.

        Products and Services

        We are market-oriented, drawing on new knowledge in products and services, being good at exploring new paths, grasping opportunities, growing and creating high-quality services.

        Company and Customer Map

        Customer signed this year:523;Customer in communication:516 ;Thanks for customers support us.8687 ;

        Guang dong

        Hai nan

        Su zhou

        Shang hai

        Nan jing

        Hang zhou

        He fei

        Jin hua

        Chang chun

        Gui yang

        Shan dong

        Guang xi

        He nan

        Hu bei

        Shan xi

        Gan su

        Xin jiang

        Nei meng gu

        Bei jing

        Liao ning

        Hei long jiang

        He bei

        Shan xi

        Ning xia

        Qing hai

        Yun nan

        Hu nan

        Jiang xi

        Fu jian

        Si chuan

        Chong qing

        Xi zang

        Success case